Hello, I'm Jonathan Huffman and I'm a creative technologist for hire. I am pretty handy with CSS and I enjoy designing user interfaces for the web. I do front-end development: I write HTML, CSS and I can work presentational JavaScript into something that adds cool functionality to a page.

I've been working in web design/development for quite a while. It started as a hobby and gradually because a career. I enjoy working on user interface (UI) design, graphic design, branding. I have worked for large and small companies in health care, housing, accounting, non-profits and more.

I've always been a designer. I credit my mom for giving me tons of paper and pens as a kid. I've always loved drawing and creating, so web design is a natural fit for me.

Please have a look at my resume to see if my experience is a good fit for any opportunities you are looking to fill.

I've also had a number of interesting non-web design jobs*, and from every experience I have learned something useful.

Need a designer? I'm available. I'd love a new creative challenge!